Listen: Montréal’s La Sécurité Share New Single ‘Anyway’ and Announce Debut Album

The Montreal quintet announce their debut album ‘Stay safe!’ with teary-eyed new wave  cut ‘Anyway’. The full thing lands on 16th June via Mothland.

Just like the ancient poets of yore, one way of coping with an intense, harrowing grief is to immortalise that experience in song.  And when La Sécurité’s lead vocalist Éliane Viens-Synnott is reflecting on her miscarriage above an intoxicating New Wave bop, it’s the refrains that stick into your head which are the ones that hurt the most – “She wasn’t really ready anyway. For. You.”  With an embrace like silk, but a bite like a choir of knives, ‘Anyway’ offers up the resilient strains of life needing to go on as normal, as if life was ever something to be considered normal.

With synths bleep-blooping, guitars fuzzed in molten silver, and an urge to dance shooting through its veins, it’s a song which circulates round and round, effortlessly drifting from verse to chorus and chorus to verse with disarming simplicity. Much like the group’s output so far, their communications are  B-52s-lite –  both in its implied comic book hues, and  in the playful directness of its attack.

Then again. Despite this, lurking moodily like a thick shadow under the water’s surface is an uncannily hypnotic presence, an ineffable weirdness, as if we are witnessing the spectacle of some initiation ceremony to an ineluctably groovy cult. Now three singles into their lifespan, La Sécurité have bounced and hopped their way into the margins as a band of curious and compelling presence.

Photo by Aabid Youssef

The new issue of So Young is out now. You can purchase in print here or read the digital edition below.