Listen: MOULD Share New Single ‘Cables’ via Nice Swan Records

Bristol trio MOULD add to their rising fanfare with latest single ‘Cables’. Channelling the rousing sound of Weezer and Fugazi, the single is an ode to being left to your own devices whilst navigating a new city.

MOULD’s second release kicks off with an angsty set of drums and a quick-paced riff motif that jumps in and out of play throughout this fiery 1 minute and 49 seconds. We see themes of lad culture and societal rejection as the vocals become progressively more and more desperate, resulting in a screaming finish.

Speaking on the track the band add, “‘Cables’ was written after moving from Bristol to London without any plan and wondering what the hell to do. It’s kinda about not having any direction & feeling aimless but also how it was exciting to be directionless and aimless. It’s also about cables.”

Photo by Kane Eagle

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