Listen: Muck Spreader Share New Single ‘A Place The Birds Won’t Sing’

Assuming the least from our fellows whilst haphazardly addressing the conscience of our collective present, London based chaos curators Muck Spreader share ‘A Place The Birds Won’t Sing’- a “reflection on the new normal and it’s docile acceptance by the masses.”

There’s no progress in reminiscence but until we address our past, mistakes will never be nevermore. Whilst much can be said of Muck Spreader and their contemporary anarchy, it’s in the sentient abyss of docile normalities and instrumental impetus that frontman, Luke Brennan, has a platform to outpour and we’re encouraged to distrust our routinely ignorant “new-norm”. 

Whilst humanity roosts in their pliant reckoning, ‘A Place The Birds Won’t Sing’ is an excruciatingly slow descent towards a self-reflection in which our cultural carcass, is propped up by cursed trumpets, and detritus discord. This is not a pleasant encounter yet nor is it remotely unappealing; for in the hours in which dusk scratches away at dawn and the fowl commence their reckoned howl, it’ll be Muck Spreader scoring the parade to some sort of social awakening.

Listen to the Laurie Vincent (Slaves) remix of ‘A Place The Birds Won’t Sing’ here.

Photo by Alice Dellal

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