Watch: Muck Spreader Share New Single ‘Carnal Tongues’ & Announce New EP

‘Carnal Tongues’, the next piece from the inexplicable collective Muck Spreader, is one ominous, anxious acid voyage.

Gripping onto the hinges that the scrupulous drums manufacture like piecing together lego blocks in an undulating space – the group lurk over a simmering stew, slyly pouring things into the concoction with primal advocacy, gleeful at the sheer precarious unpredictably of it all.

Where this project continues to thrive coyly is in its sense of purpose – whether its through strident improvisation or exacting thoroughfare,  they craft something enveloping – an alluring portrayal or dexterous synchronism in sound. Through ‘Carnal Tongues’ they balance the hallucinatory spirit level, coaxing you into a deep sense of focus before anaesthetising you with surrealism, Luke Brennan shining the light in your eyes and slapping you with the true reality of the situation you’ve been led into before they’d even got their hands on you.

Through its incongruous fascinations – there’s always a feeling of invigoration within the work of Muck Spreader, a reassuring awakening or weird sense of fulfilment – perhaps even just from the escape such textural treasure provides.

Muck Spreader’s new EP Rodeo Mistakes is out 4th September via Brace Yourself Records.

The brand new issue of So Young is out now. SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.