Listen: Muck Spreader welcome you into the seedy reality of ‘Indefinitely Beach’

Welcome to ‘Indefinitely Beach’, with what we can offer, you’ll never want to leave.

The heat rises up off your leathered skin as sip on your fifth Aperol Spritz, not a care in the world outside this frivolous tropical retreat, the only habitual locals that may dare to bother you are the ones mopping your brow with the finest Egyptian cotton towelette. Want some light entertainment to bring you a sense of unduly righteousness? May we provide you with the hottest gossip insights, prime copy that’ll heed your instant need for smugness. The only thing you’ll need to ensure is your towel is on the sun lounger before anyone else. This is Muck Spreader country, and as we’ve already told you, you’ll never need to leave.

Another heat-induced hallucinogenic – ‘Indefinitely Beach’, is the most focused narrative from Muck Spreader yet – a sultry, free-jazz exploration that may possess a bit more seediness than you’re prepared for, but isn’t going to stop you from moving. Personifying the desperate need for escape from the world through the one thing we’re led by, the unwavering presence of capitalism is undeniable – but here they once again warp it into in their surreal, exaggerated portrait.

As trumpet scorches in the heat of their most encapsulating rhythm yet – the faux notion of release and relief fades into sizzling anxiety – one of blindness and contempt, a cycle of desire and lack of fulfilment that’s forever dangled in front of us. After all, it’s only the summer right?

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