Listen: Multiples share new single ‘Quiet Room’

There’s a place we all go to at the end of a daily contemplation cycle. 

Filing musings in special boxes for safe-keeping and a retractable-absent-mind, when night buses have all the premise required for meditative idling, and with the last half of this year has been spent locked inside, a ‘Quiet Room’- be it palpable or fanciful is perhaps the greatest wish a heart can make and Multiples ‘Quiet Room’, is the dreamiest of them all.  

Recorded remotely with zero access to any four-wall structure outside their own, Multiples are a timely example of making wooze out of a whack situation and this three-minute charmer has all the pastel-sensory innocence of a waltz through a mushroom field of Mario Bros engineering. 

Circumstantially compatible, this could well be the key to communal escapism and yet ‘Quiet Room’ is entrancingly entrapped- like putting cling-film over a bowl of warm water, dropping tiny little splashes of paint onto the waxy surface and gleefully noting how the colours branch out into their own before blending into one collaboratively captivated body of pop-peaceful-picturesque. 

A porcelain candle holder with heart shaped cut-outs is designed to emit a lovingly wholesome beam of face-balming warmth. Multiples’ isolated Dream Pop is the un-disputable ‘real-deal’ for comfort craving contentment with more than enough alt-aura to light-up your soul-sanctuary.

Header Photo by Imogen Davis

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