Listen: Multiples share debut track ‘Tall Trees’

It goes without saying that the relationships formed at the start of this decade methodise in significance; as each and every interaction is both a blessing and, a captives curse.

Excessively interplayed, when those closest to us become the ones we seek to avoid the most, and time’s been occupied consuming escapism of the mind, body and soul, we spend our hours gazing through the closed windows of our dwellings waiting, for a fresh alternative to press their hands up against the glass and connect, providing a touch of solace from the  outside looking in.  

Showing face at a time where friendship has reached a critical point of vitality, South London based Multiples, release their debut track ‘Tall Trees’. A group whose ‘book of retranslated-translations’ namesake is as inevitably multifaceted as their sound itself, they blend bonded innovate, with all the euphoric splendid of ‘Holy Fire’ via 2020 consciousness.

Multiples are “determinedly not, guitar led” and so in exploring “the uncomfortable tug of family dynamics”- where relationships accumulate in expanses of collective claustrophobia, what the quintet offer here instead, is a synthesized tender zone. When grounded stability becomes a game of heated child play, a heightened imbalance in which players are too afraid to step down in case of lost command, Multiples are the wide-open space between; acting as both the liaison fine-line between push and pull drifting and, a voiced anchor for introspective-awareness. 

‘Tall Trees’ is a lucidly inhabiting, dream-state. Like running bath water over a set of overtly perfect tiling, only for the weight beneath you to part tides and swallow you whole in bathes of amalgamated revival, it takes Multiples to bring folk together but when interconnection sparks from within, life will always be personally absorbed before, communally diluted. Just hang tight a little while longer. 

Header Photo by Imogen Davis

Issue Twenty-Six out 30/06/20. Pre Order here.