Listen: Mush release new single ‘Eat The Etiquette’ from debut album

Of the times art-rockers, Mush drop the single ‘Eat The Etiquette’ off of their latest release 3D Routine (via Memphis Industries).

What’s the smartest way to eat the etiquette? Leeds four-piece Mush might suggest plonking yourself down on a chair made from the squealiest guitar, chugging down a pint full of propulsive patting cement with no cutlery to hand and, all whilst not once stopping to wipe the sardonic spittle off of your youth perspiring chin. 

We are yet to beg to differ despite what our elders might have to say on such misdemeanour. Jiving like some sorta angular fog-horn for clowns- if clowns could steer rhythmic Ferris-Wheels and we were all trapped inside a compartment built from tightly-packed motor mirrors. Untameably, this track taunts and it teases unflagging experiment to revelling levels of cool and it was certainly worth the wait. This ride will only take you three and a bit minutes so hang tight to your personal belongings and let’s get rolling.