Listen: Mush share ‘Revising My Fee’ from debut album ‘3D Routine’

Just because the 2010s are behind us, doesn’t mean we’re in for a fresh start when it comes to the roaring 20s.

With the turn of another decade, our generation continues to be ridiculed and vilified – we don’t work hard enough, so we don’t deserve to make a living. Stern words from ageing and desperate elders who unquestionably put us in years of austerity in the first place. Mush, with their debut record, are setting out to find some understanding in all of this – and with new single ‘Revising My Fee’ deliver a sardonic and ultimately pertinent take.

The single is a sharper, more concentrated strain of the band’s integral sound – rasping, serrated punk that doesn’t beat around the bush but is no means brash and unintelligent. The band bounds in with a more infectious bounce than before, Daniel Hyndman in a particularly brazen mood as he shines the light further into the eyes of baby boomers that believe our generation doesn’t have the same fight that they had. The way Mush spin relatable critique into a quick-witted yarn makes their music increasingly significant – and they’ve got the vibrant sound to back it up.

While there’s no real way of getting through to these riled up seniors – Mush possess an undeniable vitality to at least give us a little bit of hope.