Listen: Mystic Peach open up with new track ‘Normal’

“A story of loneliness, an inescapable mental state whether reality or not. Feeling lost and off-track in a world that only dreams of perfection.”

Howling minutes to midnight in a bid to keep calm, it’s not the unknown’s fault we’re lost. This unfamiliarity is just as alienated as we are – it’s waiting to reclaim routine just as we do; any sense of normality helping us find our way back in from the dark. As bruised storm-clouds drain the atmosphere of the ache, this B-side is an unintentional silver lining in a whirlpool of uncharted noise.

This is for all the hours spent pacing carpets with threadbare confidence. Counting ridges on the ceiling as the furrowed curve of your shoulder blades press firmly against the boards in a bid to ‘stay grounded’. Re-connect, re-align – literally anything to keep from drifting off, because screaming into a pillowcase and expecting it to reassure you in today’s climate of chaos is much tougher when we don’t know what’s hiding under the bed. Home comfort simply isn’t going to cut it… this is not a new normal.

There is no normality here but the party to follow will last decades. Everyone shares these pains, yet until now no-one has managed to capture pre-lockdown loneliness in a three-minute isolated snapshot as prevailingly as Mystic Peach. 

April shutdown brings May hesitancy but this normality has timeless memorability.

Mystic Peach release ‘Normal’ via Bandcamp – all donations made go to Tonic Music For Mental Health. 

The new issue of So Young is out now. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.