Listen: Mystic Peach release ‘The Eye and the Twitch’ via Honeymooner Records

Keep your eyes glued wide open as South Coast rousers Mystic Peach release their second single ‘The Eye And The Twitch’ (via Honeymooner Records). When you say riot, Mystic Peach cry utmost mood, upturning all obstacles in the process and roaring gut ripping-release to the high caverns above. 

If there was a spell for snare-permitted mind occupancy, then this single is charming ten times over with added psych-sage smudges all down the cracks of your deepest state of subconscious. Like an overly exposed corridor you can’t help but lurk down even at the dimly lit of times, ‘The Eye And The Twitch’ has a bite so possessively surrendering it’s like they want to both resist and adore you all in the same splendid saunter using howling hallucinogen as the guiding force.

Speaking of the track: “It’s about lack of sleep, confusing fantasy and hallucinations for reality and the mood swings that come with it.” This is not just three souls banding together-this is a totally unified-roaring entirety. A living, breathing, exhaustion of riffed captivation that will suck the timelessness out of slumber and keep you up all night in obsession.