Listen: Mystic Peach Return with ‘Ursodfrnt’

Mystic Peach presents unto us a nightmarish fever dream — surgically conjoining awkward hilarity and vivid horror. ‘Ursodfrnt’, the next A-side to come from the Southampton grunge surgeons, is directed in the form of harrowing psych-out tangents of the modern-day.

Spine-tingling guitar lines start whispering your name, enticing you to look further in. Before you can comprehend what’s going on, you realise you are staring into the aperture of one of those eggs from Alien. There’s no escape. Already, the industrial drops have leapt out and started to wrap around your throat. It’s too late. You’re locked in. For the next 3 minutes, you are at the pure mercy of Mystic Peach.

Its fuzz-laden verses are layered with a barrage of blistering rhythms that make your insides curdle. Bubbling in a heightened self-awareness, the juxtaposing, and almost nonchalant, choruses ease you into a false sense of security. But before long, the lights are turned off and you’re pulled back down through this disquieting rabbit-hole. ‘Ursodfrnt’ comes paired with B-side ‘The Other Half’, a relentlessly propulsive track, dripping in acidic punk-grunge.

Vocalist Curtis Gale adds that the A-side represents “A simple, dumbed-down ‘utopia’ that has no room for simple life. Senseless lyrics with words that no one knows what it’s meant to mean. A perfect recipe to attract attention of our fellow primates.”

The music video is made up of a concoction of nonsensical, eerie imagery and glitching, oversaturated effects. All this, coalesced in the style of a found footage recording, jumps out, cutting your gaze in what can only be described as the perfect visual representation for such a lip-smacking feast.

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