Listen: N0V3L Share New Track ‘Notice Of Foreclosure’

For anyone in need of sobering words to languidly bring over-stimulated feet back down the ground following all the excitement the week thus far has provided, the latest single ‘Notice of Foreclosure’ from post-punk Vancouver bods N0V3L should do the trick.

The single is a pertinent remark on being party to time as it forcibly moves forward and the apathy towards what could lie ahead. Kicked off by the echoing guitar looping mesmerically, the nostalgia sesh unfolds. Be it to mourn the past or sulkily contemplate the future, the paced chants of Varley assuredly set the scene “Forced adaptation, notice of foreclosure/Dragging us forward, an indifferent future.” It could all become too maudlin if it weren’t for the sax that cleverly intervenes like a caring but firm hand on the shoulder.

The accompanying visual created by Toronto multiple-disciplinary artist Gart Darley disappears down a pair of reflective lenses into a haze of fantastic collage. Like being fastened into a very slow-moving vehicle chugging through a space where relics give way to skyscrapers and different people are doing different things, the eye and brain frantically scramble to marry up imagery and meaning.

The band release their debut full length album ‘NON-FICTION’ on the 28th May via Meat Machine, with ‘Notice of Foreclosure’ aptly acting as the curtain closer. Having already put out ‘Group Disease’ earlier in the year, N0V3L have done a fine job of laying out a trail of breadcrumbs for what’s to come.

The new issue of So Young is out now. You can order your copy here or read the digital edition below.