Listen: Nancy shares new single ‘Call Me On Your Telephone’

Hailing from Brighton, Nancy is as unique, colourful and sexual as the East Sussex city. In his latest single ‘Call Me on Your Telephone’ Nancy seductively croons over a glam guitar shuffle anticipating his second EP ‘Happy Oddities’. A short, sharp, and immediate track that infectiously creeps and sticks to one’s mind, just like its guitar licks. 

Despite David Bowie and Marc Bolan’s cultural legacy hovering all over the song, the subtle cowbells beat also shows David Byrne’s new wave influence on the artist. ‘Call Me on Your Telephone’ is a song that brings to mind Jagger’s swagger in Slade’s wooden-heeled platform shoes. 

Despite the song’s ‘Right Words, Right Thoughts, Right Actions’-era Franz Ferdinand aftertaste wraps the single in a slightly outdated indie aura, Nancy’s advocacy for catchy compositions nonetheless gifts the song with an undeniable pop appeal.

Nancy’s flamboyant and eccentric personality comes out on this single, recorded during quarantine in a personal “isolation from the isolated”. 

‘Call Me on Your Telephone’ is out now via B3SCI Records.

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