Somewhere in the depths of weird, Manchester, you’ll find the beginnings of a humour fuelled, post Fat Whites, neo – punk revolution. Armed with Adidas tracksuit bottoms, unkept figures and pot noodles, CABBAGE are here to save us from the benign. New Music of the Week, isn’t a single or an EP, it is a lifeline. A pissed off look over the shoulder about what happens to little old me ‘n’ you, as well as a humour that stretches beyond it’s clique or merry band of people haters. A Manchester band will forever threaten a ‘Britpop’ comparison, but at it’s closest, it merely carries the enjoyment that music once did. The band released ‘Le Chou’ EP this year and their description of lead single ‘Kevin’ advocates their cause. “Everything we know is reformed, and we realise that there could be mass conscious out there. All it takes is for minds to want to link up and create a network for all to join in harmony, Shangri-La, El Dorado or however Heaven on Earth is explained. Kevin is everything, Kevin is everybody, You are Kevin. Now all rise…”

CABBAGE may stumble like louts, they may belch to the beat and they may even try to win you over with a free Beef & Tomato, but once you see past that and you listen close enough, you may just realise that they could be one of this year’s most important bands.

You can pre-order the ‘Le Chou’ EP on vinyl here.