Listen: The Creases

Aussie boys, The Creases, have had a sporadic yet successful time so far. Since releasing their first single ‘I Won’t Wait’ on Rough Trade in 2013, The Brisbane four piece have whet our appetites with the ‘Gradient’ EP in 2014 and last year’s single, ‘Point’. The Creases are a band who have always known how to capture what they want, there’s nothing drab or half thought within their output and maybe that’s why we’ve had to wait for our next taste of the band. Well, we shall wait no longer as Joe, Jarrod and co, put out new single ‘Impact’, a 90s infused, radio ready, teen sing along. It’s the pop song which should dominate our dismal radio stations. Australia, we are jealous. As expected, the band have grown in the three years of their public existence and it seems they know exactly how to take their music to the next level.

Joe from the band talks us through our New Music of the Week, ‘Impact’.

“‘Impact’ for me talks about trying to find a balanced lifestyle and relationship with people when everything you do creatively requires you to be unbalanced. This song again is quite a large departure from where we began as a band but is something we’ve been enjoying playing live for a long time now and sits amongst everything you’ll be hearing on an album a lot more closely. We only really started playing and writing music for the first time when we started this band and never intended on sounding anything like what we were doing for long so it’s been a very public evolution of finding what we enjoy writing and playing the most and this song is another step along that path. We had the opportunity to really focus on production with this song for the first time and record lots of things, I’ve always wanted to incorporate more into songs such as brass, synthesizer and odd guitar sounds we used as percussive elements.”

‘Impact’ is out now via Liberation Music and you can download it here.