Listen: Dream Wife

English-Icelandic trio Dream Wife started as a creative performance piece when they met at art school in Brighton. Fast forward to now, and they’re successfully combining their art with music, and their new horror themed video ‘Lolita’ shows exactly that.

In the thumbnail of their video, the band are pictured sitting in candlelight with all their hands on a ouija board, looking like a more sinister version of the characters from Charmed.

Directed by Sam Boullier and Eleanor Hardwick, the video cuts between eerie home recordings of the trio frantically performing in costume – all of the time mirroring elements of classic horror films.

Ominous sounds are created by the steady building guitar riffs which explode throughout the song, whilst vocals switch from ghostly ‘oooh’s and aaah’s’ to bellowing Lolita’s name.

The band clearly have a strong ethos for creating interesting and arty music but in addition to that, they explain the deeper underlying feminist message behind the song’s video which highlights their “distaste toward the classic virginal female victim narrative” shown in films.

Despite poking fun at horror films and clichés, Dream Wife show a truly punk approach to ‘Lolita’, as they destroy the idea of female stereotypes in their video as well as putting out a wildly catchy bit of music.