Listen: Goat Girl

A few years ago guitar music faced a scary near-death experience… But out of this deep and disused hole emerged a new, outrageous thrashing of sweaty sticky music and it oozed with no restriction. Goat Girl, though, find a way of controlling this chaos. ‘Country Sleaze’ isn’t as sleazy as we might think- or want to think- it doesn’t fester in the south London Underground with unattainable lyrics and slippery politics, it feels much more powerful than that. Lottie ‘Clottie Cream’s’ voice isn’t sultry or seductive but it strays unembarrassed from the melody and dominates it. Likewise the bass line doesn’t just stink of sex and filth it is subtle, powerful, dignified. Sometimes the song even feels sparse, and we’re left alone with it for a while but it never feels unknowing, just uncaring. But we definitely care, and there is a newness about this band; Goat Girl allow their music to breathe rather than ramming it down our throats that makes their songs feel a bit more natural, and makes them feel a bit more real.