Listen: Warpaint

News of a new Warpaint track was always going to merit flutters in the heart. They’ve kept relatively schtum since the the immersive self-titled album, although the somewhat awkwardly titled ‘New Song’ tells us they’ve been far from lazing around.

For those familiar with the first two records, it won’t take long to realise that there’s something a bit more urgent about this single. Perhaps they naturally had more energy to be making music together after the time-out taken for Jenny Lee Lindberg’s solo excursion. Either way, there’s a decisive excitement and prowess behind it.

The bass manages to hold the four in a groovy lock, “You’ve got the moves, bang, bang, baby” they sing. It’s born out of optimism and feels a million miles away from the tender and tear-stained days of ‘Undertow’.

It’s exactly the return that we wanted, somehow managing to channel the beautiful lulling vocals of before but with a more driving outlook. This is a colourful, bright and zesty return. It’s a lead single which sets a high bar for the rest of the album, but these girls have fast become masters of living up to expectation.


Warpaint are pleased to announce their third studio album ‘Heads Up’ which will be released via Rough Trade Records on September 23rd 2016. ‘Heads Up’ was recorded after the band spent 2015 apart working on solo projects. Reuniting in January this year, the band started to work with producer Jacob Bercovici, whom they had worked on their debut EP ‘Exquisite Corpse’ – into the studio to begin work on the new LP.

Track Listing:

01 Whiteout

02 By Your Side

03 New Song

04 The Stall

05 So Good

06 Don’t Wanna

07 Don’t Let Go

08 Dre

09 Heads Up

10 Above Control

11 Today Dear