Listen: New York’s Monobloc Share Debut Single ‘I’m Just trying To Love You’

Monobloc’s first track sounds fresh and polished all the while being heaps of fun.

Lead by Timothy Waldron and Micheal Silverglade, New York’s Monobloc arrive with their debut single “I’m Just Trying To Love You”. The opening seconds of the track leave us with an infectiously catchy guitar riff from Nina Lüders which carries us through the song and anchored by a thumping bass line from Silverglade. Waldron’s vocals nod to Julian Casablancas and his lyrics champion relatability as he sings of prioritising the simple things in a relationship.

From their first track alone, it’s clear that Monobloc mean business and are ambitious to become a generational Indie Rock band.

Photo by Julia Tarantino

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