Listen: Newcomers Souki share their spell binding debut single ‘Miura’ via Permanent Creeps.

Coventry garage rockers Souki have released their debut single ‘Miura’, via Permanent Creeps. (Football FC, Italia 90, Bdrmm).

Forming in 2019, the five-piece booked a headline slot at Birmingham’s Sunflower Lounge before they’d even written a song. What was to come was a two month flurry of song writing culminating in a 45 minute set and near sold out show.

Inspired by two parallel narratives – a man obsessed with the end of the work and Miles Davis’ 1972 crash in his Lamborghini Miura – ‘Miura’ is a record of two acts.

Part one introduces us to Souki’s nonchalant delivery. Beginning at a canter laced with garage rock and dream pop elements, ‘Miura’ lulls you into an environment where you think it’s probably ok to revisit your 2012 self and repost sun-kissed photos of bands you like to your blog. And in truth, it is ok but what’s more is that these sounds have still have a place in 2020 and you an adult can like them too.

It’s not long however before the track imposes flickers of bewitching brass upon its mass of sounds. Creating an overture that not only spell binds the listener, but also helps them get lost in an imaginarium of their own making. Slower now Souki continue to lead you horse to water with the promise of colours, sounds and sights before ending when you think you’ve cracked their cypher. The parading of their take on Cocteau Twins reading poetry with PJ Harvey is over for now, but they’ll be back.

A simply intriguing beginning for a band in good company where comparisons and labels are concerned.

The new issue of So Young is out now. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.