Listen: NewDad share new single ‘Blue’

We’re fast falling into the season of wanderlust. Layering up on warmth and packing bags to roam free in daydreams of hands drifting out of car windows to the pulse of the valley below- nature calls out to charm comfort and the world responds softly in whispers of adoration.

Nestling into a dream-pop-state of dwelled wholesomeness, Ireland’s West Coast four-piece NewDad make music for spiritual-guitar-bathing. With sparkling lo-fi and an inspired break-up to hand- their latest single ‘Blue’ is an indie-eclipse immersion that would make Daughter’s ‘If You Leave’ blush, in shades of art-house sensibilities and pine-laden notes of home. 

‘Blue’, in all it’ wooziness is a timely soundtrack for a new generation of sonic enchantment purveyors. A mirror taped postcard of cerulean cherry blossom and a full moon peeking through the cracks of a chorus-climbing-mind, if Beach House and ‘divine femininity’ were to have a lovechild and raise her in the high-heavens- the blissful-babe would hum eternal echoes of New Dad. 

It’s not hard to fall in love with ‘Blue’ when ‘Blue’ is the colour of sanctity. Set yourself aside some space this witching hour to unwind, let loose and fully indulge yourself in NewDad. It might well be the highlight of your fall.

Header photo by Enda Burke

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