Listen: Norman share their first mixtape ‘Songs From The Basement, The Old England etc’

There’s an awful lot going on here.

With a whole a lot of thought, Mixtape is like the collective equivalent to lucid dreaming – but the sort in which haircuts feel like they take a fucking age, Bohemian Rhapsody-esque iconography takes a turn for the art-school inspired and everything, I repeat, everything, has got to be in black and white.

Fast-forward turbulently transiting amounts of time and you’ll wake up somehow, for reason unclear to our conceptually-chameleonic minds, in a churchyard for the morbidly moonlit marvel-ers and five-Bristolian legends. 

‘Call me sentimental’ and we’re all reaching stimulated steeples. It takes ten-minutes for Norman’s manipulated jazzism’s (unofficial term), to drone in one manual operator and out the other in the most corely-steadfast of natural affairs and it’s totally brilliant.

Norman’s Songs From The Basement, The Old England etc’ is out now via Spinny Nights. They play a mixtape launch show at The Old England in Bristol on 18th April.