Listen: North Wales Band Sister Envy Share New Single ‘Tide’ via Yr Wyddfa Records

Sister Envy’s second single is as mysterious as it is beautiful.

Forming in college, Sister Envy is the product of 4 college friends with the desire to make music that reflected their surroundings; that being the beautiful coastline of North Wales. ‘Tide’ wastes no time creating an instrumental landscape with a slide guitar playing under lead singer Kameron Jolliffe’s raw vocals. The band don’t hesitate to hit us with an immense noise at multiple points during the track, creating a stark contrast between soft and beautiful, to loud and crashing, much like the tides of North Wales. The band just played at Wrexham’s Focus Wales, the flagship festival for the North, and new live dates are expected soon.

On the track, Jolliffe says “Tide is the first song we recorded together as a band, I wrote it whilst severely hungover one sunny afternoon, it was one of those days where the moon was visible.. I wrote it about someone i used to see, a toxic relationship that still pulls you in just to inevitably throw you back. “

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