Listen: Nottingham Eight-Piece Dura Mater Share Debut Single ‘Umbrella Tree’

On their first outing, Nottingham eight-piece, Dura Mater display heaps of potential and character.

After forming in 2022, the Chamber-Rock group gained an instant live reputation in Nottingham with notable support slots including The Murder Capital and Geese. On their long awaited debut single, lead singer Ben Preston sites vocal inspiration from early Black Country, New Road and Ethan P-Flynn; A mellow, frustrated delivery. All the while keys, guitar, violin and trumpet surround him making for a truly grand sonic experience. Preston’s charming vocals along with a range of instruments offer an ever-expanding soundscape.

On the track, Dura Mater said “The lyrics and theme of the song came to me on a dreary, overcast morning running late for a simulated pharmacy placement which started with finding a sunflower seed in my sock. This initiated an unravelling stream of consciousness, inspiring me to write down everything that popped into my head during that 20-minute walk. Walking by the Ningbo Friendship Bridge in Nottingham there was a tree by the dual carriageway with an umbrella hanging from one of the tallest branches which was also a thing of fascination to me on the journey. There was a great deal of unease and existential dread at that time, faced with a life post uni and the uncertainty of moving on from somewhere familiar and comforting. Scattered throughout the song are snippets from overheard conversations and lived experiences that encompass a certain uncomfortable yet hopeful feeling.”

Photo by Mog Howard

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