Listen: Nottingham’s Divorce Share New Single ‘My Room’

Nottingham’s Divorce are a band that have never been shy of vulnerability.

Their sound is built atop the intertwining vocals of Tiger Cohen-Towell and Felix Mackenzie-Barrow, soaring as they paint vivid pictures of life in full-colour HD. Their lyrics are engrossing tales of daily life, love, murder, and everything in between. The genius is their uncanny ability to make it unavoidable but to sing along.

Since their inception in 2021, they’ve built a reputation and identity on this very assured sound. ‘My Room’ is their second single of 2024 and sees them once again delivering an effortless anthem that is both painstakingly tender and utterly uplifting. Speaking about the release, Tiger says: “My Room is an ode to unconditional love. These lyrics are truly some of the most emotionally vulnerable I think I’ve written to date,” which speaks to their ever-growing comfortability as a band.

Joyous, exposing, beautiful, and raw, ‘My Room’ is yet another diamond in Divorce’s increasingly impressive body of work. With their distinctive sound and emotional depth, they are an undeniable prospect for 2024.

Photo by Flower Up

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