Review: Nudista Share Their Debut EP ‘Halfway Here’

Wrapped in tenderness, Nudista presents their EP ‘Halfway Here’- a showcase in savouring all that is soft and quiet. Combining guitar-licks reminiscent of Lucinda Williams, with vocals akin to Aimee Mann and Phoebe Bridgers, ‘Halfway Here’ is a celebration of everything you could love about the DIY, and Indie-Folk scenes right now.

The track ‘Confess’, feels like an afternoon spent lying in bed. Watching the dust particles in your bedroom float in the sunlight pouring through the window. Lyrics focusing on a certain innocence and confusion, reel you into a heady teen nostalgia; with the rhythm of a slowdance. These themes bleed into ‘Inasmuch’, with youthful naïvety still playing a central role in the narrative. Robbie Carman’s vocals lend themselves greatly to this number, the voices combined emanating those of Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling. 

A change of tempo comes with ‘Window’; reflecting the variety of styles that Carman has picked up from different bands, and projects, over the years. There’s a playfulness and joy in the sound. Emphasised by light percussion and hand-clapping, and contrasting with lyrics about ‘being unsure of how to express oneself’.

No track better highlights the genuine vulnerability of both Pilar and Robbie, than ‘Morning’- the leading track from the EP. We follow the procession of an empty conversation, where problems and worries are shared and responded to in the most shallow way. The vocals and instrumentals really do make you feel as though you are listening in on something private. As though we are flies on the wall; it’s almost voyeuristic. 

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