Listen: NYC’s Been Stellar Share New Single ‘My Honesty’

A sigh of relief from a group of outsiders destined for greatness, Been Stellar’s latest single, ‘My Honesty’, is an unvarnished surge through six-string-sentimentality and break-through perfection.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Been Stellar are a band with an ear for shredded transfix. Crafting from the core of an adolescence trapped in quarantined no-man’s-land, Been Stellar’s truth stems from endlessly accessible articulacy; a trawl through an age where wasted youth is less an image of rock ‘n’ roll romanticism, and rather, a matter of frustrated-fact which goes hand-in-hand with the turn of the decade. 

A breath of fresh-air for the jilted-generation of pandemic induced stagnancy, in this saga, the quintet effortlessly band together like a glass box in a room filled with shattered ideals and mindful uncertainty. Carried by the indispensable elation of Nico Brunstein on bass, ‘My Honesty’ is the hum of an artistically-regenerative spirit matching the sprawled buzz of a timeless city-scope; seeking to confront the trauma of isolation by piecing together mismatched home comforts in a bid to craft something aesthetically tangible- and perhaps most essentially, unified.

Photo by Naz Kawakami

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