Listen: NYC’s BODEGA Share New Single ‘Tarkovski’ and Announce Third Album

Good things come in threes, and this is no exception, as New York’s BODEGA share news of  signing to Chrysalis, the release date of their third album, and a brand new single ‘Tarkovski’.

We’re only a week into the new year and already we’re looking out into Spring. Arriving 12th April, the remake of a previously self-released 33-track album from an earlier version of the band (BODEGA BAY), ‘Our Brand Could Be Yr Life’ promises to be their greatest LP yet. However, if you’re after a taste of what’s yet to come, then this pun-inspired track keeps you guessing until then.

The happy-go-lucky jingle of pacing guitar riffs, shimmers from behind warm bass tones, creating a reminiscent ode to summer. Sort of like a flowering bud of adultness that they capture in any coming-of-age film. By playing with buried tracks, as a director may play with a sequel to old films, the five-piece have worked hard to treasure their nostalgia whilst they continue to champion current themes.

Speaking on the single, “‘Tarkovski’ is a pun on the famous Russian director and skiing; I was enamoured by his book “Sculpting in Time” but found that many of his professed rules and guidelines for filmmaking were broken by his own filmmaking practices. Theory never really gets at what you want and applying theory to the chaotic practice of art making (while still useful and essential) is like skiing down a wild slope.”

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

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