Listen: NYC’s Flossing Shares New Single ‘Switch’

Flossing, the solo-project of Heather Elle (Bodega, The Wants) shares single ‘Switch’ with the announcement of debut EP ‘Queen of the Mall’, to follow in September on Brace Yourself Records.

In a stark, subversively submissive metropolis where the deviance of human nature is a characterised point of reference, it’s to no disillusion that with Flossing, Heather Elle would manifest a moniker as industrially illusive as the claustrophobic high-rise of Elle’s native NYC itself.

The newly appointed master of psychological provocative, in ‘Switch’, Flossing creates a handsomely twisted deconstruction of hedonistic-psyche, and subconscious minimalism; a freeing-feat which results in a uniquely visceral combination of carnal creativity, and “perverse mental excavation.” 

Not one to dominate by halves, ‘Switch’ is an empowering-ly subtle-un-subtle exploration of bass-driven BDSM, and all-encompassing dis-connect from an artist who’ll bury into the depths of your soul and never leave.

Photo by Kevin Condon

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