Listen: NYC’s Hello Mary Return with New Single ‘0%’

New York’s Hello Mary return with new single ‘0%’

With a disemboweling bass, like a sound-wave-shaped-bludgeon to the throat; with drummer Stella Wave keening ‘I DON’T KNOW, I DON’T KNOW!” at the top of her shredded lungs; a squirreling, guitar zing that sounds like it’s desperate for some fucking help please; with sequences of fractured noise-attack, ‘Devil Horns’ metal and swerves into tinkling, slow-build indie-jangle; the return of Hello Mary is less a song, and more like a artful succession of moods – exquisitely crafted and bound together with playfulness and carnage.

The product of rehearsal space jams that shaped itself on the live stage ‘0%’ lives for all the instinctive, transcendent freedoms of noisy, passionate, guttural rock. Independent of place, language or time –  communicating purely through the surges of electricity alone – Hello Mary is pumping your fist, and feeling divine, like the whole world is at your command just because the beat is so hecking hot..

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Photo by Cooper Winterson

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