Listen: NYC’s Lip Critic Return with New Single ‘The Heart’

Lip Critic pulls us back into the depths of their fractured world, where the once vibrant pulse of New York now throbs faintly amidst the abyss of ruin and despair. The crumbling skyline, now a decaying wasteland, becomes infected by the band’s latest, adrenaline-fueled single, ‘The Heart’.

‘The Heart’ rhythmically hurtles across sand and rust by high-speed rail, across tracks made from the percussive bones of Danny Eberle and Ilan Natter. Connor Kleitz’s restless bubblegum synths emerge as one of the only products that seem to have withstood the erosion that has devoured everything else. It’s a vision of pure chaos—picture Mad Max but even more forsaken—amplified and infused with electronic hardcore.

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Bret Kaser’s lyrics delve into the recognition of one’s darker nature, poisoned by indulgence and the insatiable desire for arousal. “Now I speak with the birds of prey split tongue, dopamine adrenaline pumping up to the heart.” Propulsive, almost stream-of-consciousness vocals reflect upon the consequences of rampant consumption, where the people left lose any sense of connection with themselves and others that may still linger in this desolate realm.

‘The Heart’ emerges as a fast-paced continuation of the nightmarish hellscape introduced in their previous release, ‘It’s The Magic’. Lip Critic’s dystopian vision, initially confined to whispers, now begins to contaminate the UK since their debut London performance. The contagion of their sonic decay lingers as a grim reminder of a world that has succumbed to its own demise.

Photo by Justin Villar

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