Listen: NYC’s Lip Critic Sign to Partisan Records and Share ‘It’s The Magic’

In the days of the end, there looms a factory churning out despair. In this terror-sickened wasteland, behind the towering walls of eroding brick, the New York-based quartet, Lip Critic, governs over this shadowed domain as they put out their newest single, ‘It’s The Magic’, released through the gates of Partisan Records.

A bass riff balances precariously between the edge of harmony and percussive force. Frontman Bret Kaser’s haunting vocals go from murky drones to commanding, serrated shouts, drenched in sweat and a viscous grease of mechanical malevolence. Malfunctioning machinery and glitching samples echo through the corridors, like sheets of metal scraping together. Forming some sort of alloy of hardcore, hip-hop, and dance, it’s a metallic mutation born from the absurdity of everyday life.

‘It’s The Magic’ is a chaotic, amorphous track that leaves you in a disoriented void, unsure of what unrestrained twist awaits next, nor were you meant to know. It’s been welded with moments that fill you with anxiety, some that just scream in your face, and others that throw you inside a pit of nails and shattered glass, tearing at the flesh of your sanity.

It’s not entirely sure what dark alchemy Lip Critic are up to in this workshop of theirs. With the amount of noise and smoke produced, there are signs that something big is coming to engulf the remains of this fractured world.

Photo by Justin Villar

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