Listen: NYC’s Malice K Shares New Single ‘Radio’

New York’s Malice K becomes the lamenting tone of scattered, worn-out records and dog-eared posters of bands no one quite remembers. Set against the red melancholic hue and warm crackle of a live broadcast, arises his new single, ‘Radio’.

A picked guitar, burdened and weary, hangs heavy in the air, under the aching weight of Malice K’s solitude. Vocals began meandering with his sepulchral tone, gritty yet raw, possessing a softness as if crafted from the most delicate of glass. As ‘Radio’ plays one last time before the stifling silence swallows whole, leaving only the echo of its malaise.

‘Radio’ is a track that stops you dead in your tracks, filled with the burden of self-doubt in one’s identity. It’s about feeling helplessly entangled in one’s own chaos and craving to shed the skin of existence and become someone else, but even that person seems hidden. In its clearest essence, “‘Radio’ is about feeling helplessly fucked up. [It’s about] not knowing whether you’re just fucked up or maybe you should do something about it,” Malice K writes.

Emerging from the artist collective Deathproof Inc., ‘Radio’ feels as far removed from that as it possibly could, yet the hopping from provocative punk-thrash-rock to the realm of melodic indie-folk appears to unfold with an unexpected coherence.

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Photo by Sharmeen Chaudhary

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