Listen: NYC’s Maxband share single ‘Cut It Loose’

It goes without question that Maxband, (ft Max Savage of Parquet Courts), are as delightfully direct as their “I’m stumped for a band name so let’s use mine and chuck band on the end” namesake. 

Things seem rather flat when the going’s gone tough and the tough’s gone on for too long, yet ‘Cut It Loose’ in all its rambled elation, is like a staircase lined in plush green carpeting; doubling up as a grassy bank daydream. Tilt your head tenderly, breathe in with ‘Urban Ease’, and dare to let your inhibitions hang a bit more playfully. 

Whilst the NYC based quartet haven’t changed the face of indie for good, what they have achieved with ‘Cut It Loose’ is capturing a three-minute leisure-break of rhythmic hopscotch; but one where the chalk’s been replaced with primary-coloured Sharpies, the rules are less set-in stone and any form of structured guideline, is subsequently outlined by a fine number of alternative routes to jump on.  

When everything is shit, and you realise your best bet is to sit underneath a giant wooden dining table and wait it all out- close your eyes, put on Maxband and open your mind to a wholly flipped universe of pluckily accessible neatness.  

Presently, there’s very little else we could possibly need.

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