Listen: NYC’s Slow Fiction Share New Single ‘Apollo’

Another radiant glow shines down from the gods of Mount Olympus onto New York. This time in the form of Slow Fiction and their new single, ‘Apollo’—the purveyor of light, poetry, and New York indie rock.

‘Apollo’ exists as a mythological tale where a mirage of dreams and tangible realities collide. It serves as an ode to idealised love, a yearning for a fantasised version of a soul who doesn’t really exist—a love both profound yet tethered to the ephemeral.

Amidst this backdrop of disillusionment and self-doubt, the bright guitars of Paul Knepple and Joe Skimmons, glistening in the essence of late-nineties and early-noughties New York, fill up a dark space with an underlying sense of light and hope. The rolling bass lines of Ryan Duffin and the propulsive rhythms of Akiva Henig keep everything tightly anchored to this world.

Julia Vassallo’s vocals, reminiscent of a young Karen O, intertwine with her raw yet beautifully expressive tone and poetic lyricism. She talks about the realisation that this is no deity but a mere mortal flame; a profound understanding emerges: “without them, you can still exist, create, and have a voice. Darkness is the absence of light, but it still has a word and meaning.”

Since the release of their self-titled EP, Slow Fiction have been quick to ascend amongst the brightest stars, a constellation capturing the awe of New York.

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Photo by Miles Wilson

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