Watch: Omni share video for new single ‘Courtesy Call’ via Sub Pop

With ‘Networker’, Omni have laid out the blueprint for evolving into a pristine yet ever meticulous group.

Early singles ‘Sincerely Yours’ and ‘Skeleton Key’ possess the melodic aptitude that their first two records possessed – angular and intelligent – yet paraded a looseness, a sense of unperturbed composure that allowed them to sound more liberated, at ease in their desire for perfection. New single ‘Courtesy Call’ harks back to their tighter, back-straight diligence yet finds a spacious, confident habitat for their wiry melodies to evolve.

The understated way in which the trio meld spacious, jazzy inflections with their slow-burning melodic intentions is constantly overlooked – an increasingly impressive feat from a rhythm trio who you sense have been this tight ever since the release of ‘Deluxe’. Philip Frobos’ is ever alleviated by his dead-pan anecdotes, buoyed by their enigmatic irregularity and subtle perception of modern living – as if we should really be questioning whether they think any of it really matters in the first place.

With ‘Courtesy Call’, the group’s third album is evolving into an even tighter, more infectious listen with each new track.