Listen: Ontario’s Olinda Share New Single ‘Dreams in Transit’

Fall deeper and deeper into the lucid trance of Ontario’s Olinda as they plunge you straight into the depthless ends of REM, offering a sense of comfort in their newest single, ‘Dreams in Transit’. Gently rocking you back and forth with foggy lullabies of nostalgia-inducing ‘80s synth-pop, they have returned to follow up their debut release, ‘World Within’/‘The Chalice’.

Written to “capture the feeling of gazing out of a car window in motion”, ‘Dreams in Transit’ accomplishes just that. Frosty, skittering synth melodies patter and trickle down the windscreen, while Peter Burke’s weightless guitar lines flicker overhead with a luminous glow. The rhythmic pulses of gated reverb keep you cruising along towards Josh Klein’s slumberous vocal melodies. His voice stands calm amongst the city’s skyline, bearing witness to the uncoiling mysteries concealed within.

Time loses its grip, and the track glides through with a calming warmth, also brought by Czarina Mendoza and Judah Zakoor. It’s fuelled by a realisation and reflection on the trajectory of existence. It’s not about letting go of dreams; rather, it’s about readjusting them to better suit an ever-unfolding present. It’s not time to wake up, but to fall further down into Olinda’s growing crescendos.

Ethereal apparitions of the Cocteau Twins, Deerhunter, and even The Durutti Column emerge within this dreamlike realm; their almost familiar shapes endure metamorphic shifts as they dance about in this altered reality. Paired with B-side ‘Our Secret Garden’, ‘Dreams in Transit’ becomes a glistening reverie—a vivid hypnotic dance of emotion that pulsates with its raw intensity, yet, like all dreams, slips away with the dawn of a new day.

Photo by Nadja Pelkey

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