Listen: Opus Kink Share New Single ‘Dust’ and Announce New EP ‘My Eyes, Brother!’

Opus Kink Share New Single ‘Dust’ and Announce New EP ‘My Eyes, Brother!’

Opus Kink, Brighton’s cowbell enthusiasts, usher you through the back alleys and into their smoky speakeasy. Here, immerse yourself in the epitome of musical hooliganism and their latest single, ‘Dust’. You are already through the doors; you may as well stay and enjoy yourself.

Opened by the dinner bells of feverish nightmares, this bootlegging-brass-blaring-brawl is overflowing with canapés of guttural howls and mischievous fun. Layers of slickness and grime gather up, creating this fiendish tapestry of roaring horns, grinding screams, and choral chanting, igniting or perhaps conditioning something deep within. Its raw, piercing guitars weave in and out of this jazz-punk jamboree, turning it into a cataclysmic explosion of criminal capers – a feast for the senses.

Inviting us into the inner sanctums of their latest symphony of depravity, Opus Kink reveals that “it’s a nasty little song concocted of several recurring nightmares and a modish death-cult aesthetic, set to an apocalyptic rip-off backing built from Ian Dury, Chas & Dave, and a splat of T-Rex”.

Join this nefarious congregation of scoundrels once again for a musical masquerade like no other. All in celebration of the band’s upcoming EP, ‘My Eyes, Brother!’, set for release on May 19th via Nice Swan Records. This is a party you won’t soon forget.

Photo by Anya Rose

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