Listen: Brighton’s Opus Kink Share ‘Wild Bill’ via Nice Swan Introduces

Brighton based sextet, Opus Kink share ‘Wild Bill’, the latest addition to the ‘Nice Swan Introduces…’ single series.

Opus Kink may not be your average growl-slinger, yet their impact is rapidly becoming notorious. Roaming over teeming anti-structures as practitioners of undisputed discovery, their character is a confidence to be reckoned with – the very kind of inspired saga in which to be a ‘Wild Bill’ one must first entertain the notion of wearing your influences on your sleeve whilst ripping said material to absolute shreds.

In a land where growled-jazz meets the blues in a showdown to end all perceptions of genre, Jim Morrison may have been the self-proclaimed “lizard king” and The Lounge Lizards a hectic bunch of freewheelers, but somewhere in the midst of cultural iconography and instrumentally blazed brass, lies a cold-blooded Opus Kink.

Photo by Sean Hawkey

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