Listen: Oracle Sisters Croon the Autumn Blues with New Single ‘The Dandelion’

Many moons ago, the world was graced by a magical high-socialite called Mathilde Willink. A bohemian dreamer and decade of ‘Swing’ signatory, Mathilde Willink wore gowns stitched out of Feng Long’s imagination and painted the streets of Amsterdam, in swashes of illustrated ochre, and silky mis-sensibilities. 

Hailing from “across Europe”, Oracle Sisters may not be as overtly extravagant as our Willink, but their taste for romanticised beauty is equally as spirited and the trio’s latest offering ‘The Dandelion’, is a Beatnik’s ‘Gap’ campaign complete with Parisian “personification”, timeless white vests, an immaculate taste for stylised musing’s and a back-pocket full, of double 8mm iconography. 

The Allah-Las may have amalgamated sun worshiping and sandy ‘Vis-à-Vis’ to the highest degree of ‘feel-good’, but it’s here in the conch of European-realism, that Oracle Sisters demonstrate their eponymous noire; as canary dispositions of sunshine are replaced with the “Autumn-blues” and sensual sombre , in a race to re-invent the mesmeric wheel of dream-rock-roaming.  

Splendidly inspired in all its evocative groove of ethereal ephemera and psychedelic consciousness, ‘The Dandelion’ organically croons with a fine-fossilise curve- a Chet Baker absorbed embodiment of explorative timelessness, and ‘Eckmann Psych’ style typography. Subtly embroidered like a starry wall hanging- plushily satisfied, delicately adorned and topped off lovingly with a tiny bell on its tail to ward away the lacklustre spirits of winter’s doom and gloom, ‘The Dandelion’ is quite simply everything we needed to carry our souls into a better new year.

Photo by Celia Marie Peterson

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