Listen: Orlando Weeks Returns with ‘Dig’ Featuring Rhian Teasdale and Announces New Album

Orlando Weeks reinstates his singular place within the British music landscape with the release of ‘Dig’ featuring Rhian Teasdale of Wet Leg, the lead single to his upcoming album ‘LOJA’. Going beneath the surface, Weeks explores the tunnels of his past and the journey ahead with all its obstacles. 

‘LOJA’ situates itself within Weeks’s latest endeavour, a relocation from London to Lisbon. Through such a transition the music has similarly undergone a transformation, removing itself from the synth-laden leftfield pop of prior musings; ‘Dig’ turns towards an organic sound, a motorik groove which insidiously pulses below the surface. ‘Dig’ with its repetitive riffs and persistent percussion are laced with a sense of urgency, the monotonous beat signifies the action of the pickaxe, a necessary and violent collision. ‘Dig’ forwards, pass through the momentarily indestructible barrier, keep going along through the journey, even in moments of weary desperation – when reconciliation and continuation appear absurd. Sonic tension breaks. The path onwards in no longer foreclosed; like the act of digging the rhythmic journey is non-linear. Endlessly layered with crescendos as breakthroughs, only to return again to digging onwards.

The conversational nature of the lyrics between Weeks and Teasdale, ever repeated pledges that are called back and forth between the voices. Voices which tenderly complement each other, yet are not perfectly harmonious, a dis-synchronicity which lends itself to the argumentative aspects of the words. Harmonies which hold back, never fully cascading with weighty eruption, residing on the precipice of confrontation. Weeks’s voice sounds deeper, aged and weary from the journey, placed alongside Teasdales’ with its idiosyncratic youthful tones exacerbate the immanent tension of ‘Dig’. Its lyrical and sonic imagery of endless struggle, astute resilience and the conflict between lasting reconciliation and temporary agreement for sake of continuation. Occasionally oscillating with dynamic tempo shifts, edging towards transcendence but never quite breaking out of its own confines, the cave of its own making. 

If ‘Dig’ is indicative of the what is coming with the rest of ‘LOJA’, out on June 6th, then personally, a keen ear will patiently await its arrival. Eager to determine whether Weeks is able to prove the ability of action to surmount merely verbal assurances; realising his own axiom, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” 

Be sure to also check out the epic and strange odyssey that is the music video to ‘Dig’ below. 

Photo by Kate Friend

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