Listen: Oro Swimming Hour release new single ‘FOMO’

On this cold, biting Halloween, when everything ‘s a bit more scary than it should be, it’s nothing but comforting to fall into the arms of a warm, welcoming new Oro Swimming Hour single.

Like being wrapped in a blanket and handed a cup of tea after the cold, wet walk from work, Nicholas Stevenson and Oliver Wilde treat us to another textured gem in ‘FOMO’, brittle in it’s production but confident in delivery. It’s a calming friend in an uneasy situation, trying to work out the answers themselves but still a reassuring place to find solace. The duo manage to capture the minute, exquisite detail of physical and emotional connection – so much so you can feel the palpable bond in the distorted, tape-rendered recording.

Purposefully stripped back but lovingly considered, the harmonies immediately transport you at once into the room – guitars at first minor and somber but melting into affable melody, voices dissolving into one, cementing the collective feeling that makes them such a welcome listen.

Oro Swimming Hour’s second album, ‘Lossy’, is available from 12th November via Deertone Records. Pre order here.