Listen: Oslo Twins Share New Single ‘Breath’ via Fascination Street Records

Fresh off their signing to Fascination Street Records, the hotly-tipped Oslo Twins have released their latest single ‘Breath’. A continuation of the group’s dreamy, trip-pop inspired sound, the single was released alongside a poignant animated music video, created by Max Mason.

The track centres itself around a pulsating, electronic drumbeat and melding synths that pervade throughout. All the while, horn and string lines soar over top, providing a mellowness that lifts the dense rhythm upon entry. 

However, it’s the band’s call-and-response vocals that make the most impact. Cutting through the rest of the sound, the group sing a repeated motif of ‘You take my breath away’, all the while being responded to with the simple line ‘I want it back but you keep it anyway’. They’re lyrics that conjure up a range of emotions- hopefulness, dread, and perhaps most of all melancholy, enhancing the complex ethereal world that the group invites the listener into.

The music video for the track roots itself in surrealism- with hand drawn animations conveying a warped version of a daily routine. It’s the perfect addition to such a trip-inducing track, and cements Oslo Twins as a group who truly care about every detail of their works. ‘Breath’ will leave one looking at the world around you in a new light, and keep the curiosity as to where else Oslo Twins will lead the listener next.

Photo by Jamie MacMillan

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