Listen: otta shares the subverting ‘never see’ via PIAS / BOKKLE

With new single ‘never see’, otta is focusing the lens on you – it feels oppressive doesn’t it?

Yet as everything passes by us in the hyper-modern nature of modern existence, it feels comfortable to crawl within ourselves, while everything we need to find a sense of clarity is right on our front doorstep. With ‘Never See’, it feels like otta is pulling back the drapes, encouraging you to WAKE UP with a bit of tough love.

The track gyrates around otta’s crystalline voice, oscillating with industrial force and playfully jostling as the pin-sharp clarity of the vocal mutates and strangles itself to illicit some sort of feeling. It’s all pushed intensely high in the mix, but that only make for a more pleasing juxtaposition to the plainspoken, almost gentle melody emanating from otta’s mouth.

It’s the clearest indication so far of otta subverting the idea of what’s accessible – the track teasing you with an absorbing, hypnotic trap beat before being clipped at its wings or summoning a calming, pacifying vocal line before you are sucked in with a repetitive slap of a chorus. It’s all channelled into a sweaty, claustrophobic production that’s eviscerated before you can ask “what?”.

Brace yourself, otta’s going to mess with you without you realising.

Header Photo by Carolina Mills

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