In Session: Our Girl perform ‘Two Life’ at The Lightship.

Since playing our festival at The Old Blue Last in the summer, we’ve been hooked on all things ‘Our Girl’. 2016 saw the band escape their other groups and projects to release the massive ‘Normally’ EP. Talking to the band about their first Extended Play, they described the theme of the release…

I guess a theme is the feeling of not knowing what someone else is thinking and that driving you a bit crazy. The distance between you and someone else clouding your judgement of things. And that sentiment is often followed by trying to force a feeling of indifference, like ah fuck it stop doubting yourself, it’s probably fine.  There’s a sense of hope too, in things changing and being able to get better, it’s often friends that help do that. I value that lots.”

There’s a point in time where you want to capture something because of the beauty of the moment. You can’t always do that, you can’t always be in the right place at the right time. Instead, sometimes you have to help to create those moments. We wanted to create these moments in one of our favourite places, Lightship95. We brought together a group of individuals to make it happen and capture it perfectly, as well as artists that we love, to capture them at their best.

This is Our Girl in session at Lightship95, recorded by Rory Attwell, filmed by Dogbrain Videos and brought to you by SoYoung Magazine, Terrible Merch and Black Cat White Cat Promotions.