Interview: OUTSIDERS DIVISION: David Méndez Alonso

Artist and illustrator, David Méndez Alonso is co-creator of Outsiders Division. A clothing brand that unites all Outsiders through a passion for colour. The brand’s dedicated following tends to come from creative fields rather than the fashion world, David imagines, “people full of life, energy and finding the best version of themselves. People who haven’t stopped imagining.”

We caught up with David to talk influences, business and Barcelona.

What’s been the main challenges in starting your own brand?

For me, the most difficult thing is getting an audience to buy the clothes. Learning to listen to customers and differentiate what you like from what works has been important to me.
And finally, I would talk about financing, it takes many resources to produce a collection, distribute it and sell it.

Is there a brand in particular you’d like to collaborate with or design for?

I’m interested in old brands like Pedemia, Borsarino, Swatch, Paraboot, Barbour. I would also like to work with a toy brand.

Can you walk us through the Outsiders Division creative process.

I try not to design with the sales ranking close, so it doesn´t condition the garment too much. First I draw all the looks, usually 28, and from there I start to design each garment, draw patterns, cut patterns and fabrics, etc …

My collections work as a container of ideas always around the same obsessions: Color, Fantasy, Rebellion. It could be summarized in those 3 concepts.

Does music influence your work in any way? If so, how?

Music helps me while I’m working, I don’t know if a specific song can move so many feelings. It is the cultural movements that inspire me, the music groups and their aesthetics. I have learned a lot designing costumes for singers, fashion and music have always been connected.

What kind of thing was on the mood board when you were planning your latest collection?

I work with many images of old paintings and film stills. I really like Italian realism, Antonioni’s films I find very inspiring.
I really like the industrial Italian design of the 70s and 80s. And as for the types of garments, I always try to go back in time, if I want to make a duffle jacket I research its origins and design on that.

The prototype of the person is always the same, it´s that adult who is still a child and who still continues to imagine.

How has living in Barcelona influenced you and your work?

Barcelona helps me to be connected and to have a strong team to work with, I am lucky to have photographers, stylists, producers, models, etc. for all the campaigns we do.
It is a good starting point to settle down.

What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

I am preparing new collections and working with many vintage fabrics to get 0 waste.
I hope to continue collaborating with artists who help expand the brand’s imagination.

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