Listen: Peeping Drexels Share New Single ‘Miami Lounge’

Peeping Drexels share ‘Miami Lounge’, the second single from their upcoming EP ‘Bad Time’, due May 14th via Brace Yourself Records. 

Peeping Drexels have long been some of the underground’s top curators of bedraggled slink, but with ‘Miami Lounge’, the London based five-piece further conduct themselves as masters of quasi-sublunary, woozed-ooze.

Chiming rhythmic awareness like a restless ‘Kit-Cat Klock’ ticking to the trailblaze satisfaction of Tubeway Army on a balmy day in April, ‘Miami Lounge’ is a swanky alt-space designed to promote “simplistic pleasures” and ignite New-Wave-meets-funk’d verism.

Escapism is either what you seek, or what you chose to lose. In ‘Miami Lounge’, we’re given the three-separate acts in one five-minute showcase of fully liberated, quintessentially drooled baritone to adventure to. 

This is charismatic normality at its core, and Peeping Drexels remain in the spotlight as one’s to watch out for.

Photo by Jojo Danielle

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