Listen: Amsterdam’s Personal Trainer share new single ‘Muscle Memory’ via Holm Front

As we trudge bravely through the mud of what is – hopefully – one final lockdown, it seems that some repeated rhythms are becoming all too familiar. Wake up, hit snooze, commence drinking at lunchtime and top the day off with one too many episodes of a mind-numbing boxset. Thankfully, for our eardrums at least, Dutch post-punk outfit Personal Trainer have found a more productive mode of ‘Muscle Memory’ with their latest single.

Both wonky and jarring in equal measure, brazen guitars set tenacious pace. As instrumental layers introduce themselves steadily into the fold, it’s not dissimilar to a roller coaster’s unnerving yet exhilarating upward slope. Reaching its peak, a pleasing chorus of fuzzy-tinged riffs and cantering percussion cascade around frontman Willem Smit’s chanted vocals. Fidgeting somewhere between The Fall and Joy Division, the track is a quick-fire outburst that’s sure to get under your skin. 

Adept in the surprisingly difficult and desirable ‘home video’ aesthetic, as demonstrated on previous releases, the band’s latest accompanying music video proves no exception. Racing in tandem with the single’s agitated melody, we see a colour-popping collation of gyrating images and offbeat videos. A breath of fresh air from the internet’s everyday doom and gloom, ‘Muscle Memory’ is one infallible way to jolt yourself out of the lockdown comatose. 

Released via Sports Team’s illustrious indie label Holm Front, and with debut EP ‘gazebo’ set for launch next month, this year certainly seems to be looking up for the Amsterdam hailing collective – here’s hoping that it’s the same for the rest of us. 

‘Muscle Memory’ is out now via Holm Front.

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