Listen: Personal Trainer Share New Single ‘Key Of Ego’

Beamed fresh from their Amsterdam base, trusty collective, Personal Trainer deliver their latest crazed and theatrical bombast with new single ‘Key of Ego’.

This self-released cut comes off less like a pop song, and more like an overture to some undisclosed Rock opera. Motifs feed on motifs, and breakdowns fold into cataclysmic breakouts. It’s as if the whole of Indie-Rock history needed cramming into a 5-minute package to appease some malevolent alien invasion. And THIS was what a gang of feverish Dutch musicians produced for our salvation. THIS?! Will it save us? Perhaps not. And yet, just maybe, our attackers will scram; moved and bewildered, as group ring-leader Willem Smit’s comic-coloured vocals moan, rap, shriek and croon all manner of pop-arting hysterics. A weapon of mish-mash destruction all of its own- “channel Chick-Flick energies/ skip some digits…”   

Valorising a 2010s guitar vintage, or, alternatively, resembling a certain Parquet Courts with a blazing fire-work shoved up its ass, Personal Trainer mother-load here what is cushily familiar yet riotously unique; pantomiming and compelling. Handily, there’s a UK headline tour scheduled for the coming May, just when they have never sounded so magnificent, nor so nerdishly awesome. It hits you right in the feels… You know?

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